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Social marketing
Provide more value
Easy to connect
Always-on customer contact link
Improve visual for your listings
80% adult adoption rate for mobile site
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Increase your online capacity

95% of first time buyers start their search online. 80% of all adult online use mobile sites. Almost all of these people have one thing in common: they all use social media. You don't need to wait any longer to connect to your best prospects?


A personalized web application with your Facebook business page available in the Google PlayStore. Thousant of people will have direct access to your listings.
(value: 250$)

Improve your visuals

We re-arrange the visuals of your current listings for a greater presentation. Goal: a dynamic presentation instead of just still images. Max. de 6 images. (value: 135$)

Target advertising

We advertise to thousand of targets for 2 weeks to find leads in your chosen area. You give us the geographic areas and target profiles. We implement precise targetting to drive results.(value: 165$)


A new productivity tool with full advertising power!
Adapted carefully for the real estate sector, this personalized tool facilitates communications with instant nitifications, private messages, announcement of 'open house' events, etc. Your customers and prospects can easily download the app to find what they need at their fingertips. This web-app furthers improve the search for prospects by acting as an easy to access first link between your offerings and a highly competitite market where access to information in real time and speed of execution remain top considerations for all players. You will increase your horizon.

$ 275

Special offer

A perfect trio, very affordable to produce noticeable results. Online promotion is a must for every business because it has become the best platform to communicate. Both the broker's needs and preferred customers' attention benefit from a well targeted approach. We work on the visuals for a better presentation. Still images just inform but do not stimulate engagement. Compared to existing spend for promotions, this value is good. Moreover, this approach makes enough sense and is more profitable... About 10 times more productive. A perfect trio for beginners and more seasoned professionals. Results are viable within 2 weeks, not months. Web-app for the Apple Store (iOS) requires up to 4 weeks's delay and additional fees of 125$. We start with the Google Android app because of a much faster time to market and also, more people use Android than iOS and Microsoft combined.

$ 250

Mobile App

(without the trio...)
Improve your online presence with a personalized mobile application related to the services you offer. Move your business online to get more cclients. Screen shots include your name and logo or the agency/brokerage's banner. Stay connected with your clients using the best of technology; notifications on the phone and in-app messaging available in your application. This tool is built according to your choice of content and visuals. Take full advantage of direct and unified communications that are never lost or forgotten. Make the app an extension of your current services. Your clients are always connected in mobile mode. When you are not visible online, your competitor is eating your lunch. The price does not include any subscription fees for to the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).

$ 165


(without the trio...)
If you have already everything you need in place but still want to generate just more leads on occasion, this service can help you. You can launch a mini-campaign for 2 weeks, based on your instructions for what you want as prospects' profiles. Maybe, you may need to advertise for a special occasion like an open house event. This service can be used to increase the reach of potential attendees or to increase the visibility of the event in the neihgbourhood. We can gather the infos on the people who interact with the advert and/or people who demonstrate a direct interest in your activity.
More people equal more prospects and more revenues. A link to your services (hyperlink) may be necessary to provide additional details about the activity. Fill the contact form below for more details.

Samples of visual animations



Brand new property waiting for a buyer. Nearby all kind of services. Who is the lucky one? Attractive selling price for a quick sale: asking... 895 000 dollars.



Schools and entertainment are just around the corner. For a first-time homebuyer who wants to experience quiet life in the suburb. Price has been reduced to facilitate the sale. Ready to occupy in May 2019.



Large property for a second-time buyer with plenty of space for the entire family. Call for a visit. Welcome home!


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Mobile App Factory

Koll Real Estate is an integrated technology department for app design, database set-up, API integration with real estate database, augmented reality (AR), Google Cloud projects, Amazon Web Services and more...


Advertising placement

Smart strategy, media buying and placement, Out-of-Home (OOH), Direct-to-Consumer (DTC). Ethnic advertising, Social media, Grassroot campaigns and more...


Ad production

From graphic artists to video production, virtual tour from photos, 10s commercials for social media, augmented reality (AR)'s picture frames... This division takes care of creative and design as well as production.


Print materials

For all printing needs, Contact them directly or fill the contact form ... if you still use a large part of your promotional/advertising budget on print materials. Local, regional, national service is excellent.